convergence reflex

convergence reflex

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  • convergence reflex — see accommodation reflex …   Medical dictionary

  • Reflex — A reaction that is involuntary. The corneal reflex is the blink that occurs with irritation of the eye. The nasal reflex is a sneeze. * * * 1. An involuntary reaction in response to a stimulus applied to the periphery and transmitted to the… …   Medical dictionary

  • accommodation reflex — (convergence reflex) the constriction of the pupils and inward turning of the eyes that occurs when an individual focuses on a near object. * * * the coordinated changes that occur when the eye adapts itself for near vision; they are constriction …   Medical dictionary

  • accommodation reflex — convergence reflex the constriction of the pupils and inward turning of the eyes that occurs when an individual focuses on a near object …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • convergency reflex — convergence of the visual axes with fixation on a near point …   Medical dictionary

  • Haab reflex — bilateral pupillary contraction when the patient sits in a darkened room, and without accommodation or convergence directs attention to a bright object already within the field of vision. Called also cerebral cortex r …   Medical dictionary

  • Ruggeri reflex — acceleration of the pulse following strong convergence of the eyeballs toward something very close to the eyes; it indicates sympathetic excitability …   Medical dictionary

  • eye, human — ▪ anatomy Introduction  specialized sense organ capable of receiving visual images, which are then carried to the brain. Anatomy of the visual apparatus Structures auxiliary to the eye The orbit       The eye is protected from mechanical injury… …   Universalium

  • nervous system, human — ▪ anatomy Introduction       system that conducts stimuli from sensory receptors to the brain and spinal cord and that conducts impulses back to other parts of the body. As with other higher vertebrates, the human nervous system has two main… …   Universalium

  • Vergence — For other uses, see Vergence (disambiguation). A vergence is the simultaneous movement of both eyes in opposite directions to obtain or maintain single binocular vision.[1]. The two eyes converge to point to the same object …   Wikipedia

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